Recovering from cancer is in itself a challenge.  I had such a difficult time after chemo and radiation that I had been unable to return to work.  Oncology Rehab and Wellness has been a lifesaver for me and I am so fortunate to have found them.  I am back at work and loving life!  Thank you!


Thank you Oncology Rehab and Wellness!  You have made such a positive impact on my life.  Don’t know where I would be now without your help, understanding ways and knowledge.


Need help recovering fully from cancer? This is the place to go. Personalized exercise programs, close monitoring to ensure safety, one on one attention. Knowledge of cancer related issues is superior. Best PT place around for cancer patients and survivors! I am so glad I found them.


As if dealing with cancer (surgery, chemo, radiation) was not enough, I ended up with the onset of lymphedema of my right arm after breast cancer.  Amazing that it was detected early by my lymphedema therapist, Cheryl. We were able to treat it and it is now very manageable.  I am so grateful for her picking up on the changes before the condition worsened.


Compassionate, knowledgeable therapists and small practice atmosphere are what makes this place stand out from hospital or busy clinic practices.  One on one attention that is so needed with the complexities we face.  I would recommend this place to all cancer survivors.  We deserve to live the best life we can… THANK YOU Oncology Rehab and Wellness!

Dave L.

When I was diagnosed with breast cancer there were so many decisions to make, but I never even thought that physical therapy would be part of the healing process. My doctor recommended Oncology Rehab and Wellness Resources, LLC in Ashburn. Cheryl Guarna is the owner and physical therapist. The first day she did a thorough evaluation and immediately set me up with a program. Every appointment is one-on-one and she explains every exercise and how it is affecting your body. She's very knowledgeable and explains in detail the risks and symptoms of lymphedema.

Cheryl had me on an exercise program to gain full rotation of my arms, as well as strengthening my back and shoulders. The exercises specifically targeted each muscle and I was amazed at how quickly I regained the rotation in my arms.

I highly recommend Cheryl Guarna as your physical therapist for any kind of cancer. Her expertise in cancer therapy is second to none. It's nice to know that this facility is so close to home.


Exceptional service, individualized and focused treatment.  There is never a rushed feeling or pressure to hurry.  Cheryl is professional and caring.

Kathi P.

Since starting PT (at Oncology Rehab and Wellness), I have felt that my general mobility and stamina have increased and my ability to perform day to day functions has most certainly gotten much better. Overall I feel much stronger. I have come to realize since being diagnosed with cancer that one of the primary contributors to wellness is to keep fit, keep motivated and be positive. I would strongly recommend this program to others suffering from cancer.

I would like to express my thanks to Cheryl Guarna for her patience and help. She is a strong motivator and keeps me focused.

John S., Purceville, VA

My PT experience has been great. [After breast cancer surgery] I had difficulty with several things including lifting my arm above my head, pain along the side and around my incision. Washing dishes, cooking were all difficult. After therapy and my home exercise program, I am completely pain free and not limited in ANY activities! Planning to continue the exercises at home now until my 2nd stage reconstruction can be done. Back to working and taking care of my family! Thank so much Cheryl!

Breast Cancer Patient

I had a great experience at Oncology Rehab and Wellness. When I first came for my PT after my mastectomy I was in very bad condition, but Cheryl helped with great patience. In just 12 sessions I am feeling perfectly fine. Thank you Oncology Rehab and Wellness!

PT Patient after Mastectomy

Cheryl did a great job after my double mastectomy. I looked forward to our PT sessions because she not only brought relief to my discomfort, but she tailored a stretching and strengthening program suited for my needs for each step of my recovery and reconstruction process. Most importantly, Cheryl brought true compassion and hours of laughter that I truly believe helped in every aspect of my recovery. If there is a silver lining in this storm called "cancer" it is that it allowed me to cross paths with such a genuine person".

Double Mastectomy Patient

I came to Oncology Rehab and Wellness Resources after I had my double mastectomy with reconstruction. I didn't have the same range of motion and strength in my upper body and I needed a little extra support. Additionally, I had swelling at my drain sites that were uncomfortable. Cheryl made a plan and we systematically worked on my range of motion and strength. While working with Cheryl, I could see my progress in these areas. Now, I have full range of motion and strength in my upper body! Cheryl also used manual therapy techniques to help break up the scar tissue and those areas are no longer problematic for me. Working with Cheryl has been a wonderful experience. Not only did she provide me with a comprehensive home program, but she also walked me through my recovery process and was very attentive to my needs.

Double Mastectomy & Reconstruction Patient

Cheryl is the best! Before my breast cancer diagnosis, I enjoyed an active lifestyle. After my mastectomy, I was very depressed because I could only lift my arm half way. I worried if I would ever be able to do yoga and play tennis again. Within weeks, I recovered 100% of my mobility and had hope that I could return to my previous activities. Thank you, Cheryl!

Breast Cancer Patient in Sterling, VA

I am fully supported and received a state of the art individualized therapy program. Most importantly it's working!!! I was diagnosed with JRA at 17, Fibromyalgia at 19, LUPUS in my early 20's and Breast Cancer at 35 3/25/15. I have never had such success with managed pain and reduced medication in my life. I am able to physically exercise, enjoy mobility. This place is amazing and I highly recommend it!


Cheryl is a very knowledgeable medical provider she has educated me so much on my lymphedema. I have been under Cheryl exceptional care for a few years now and my health has only improved. She always educating me on best practices and the latest practices for my condition. This area is lucky to have a wonderful medical professional medical provider and her staff is very friendly.


After a bi-lateral mastectomy in April 2016 two more reconstructive surgeries and then a Lat transfer surgery in February 2017, Cheryl helped me get stronger and feel better. She is a dedicated professional who knows her stuff regarding oncology rehab!