When I was diagnosed with breast cancer there were so many decisions to make, but I never even thought that physical therapy would be part of the healing process. My doctor recommended Oncology Rehab and Wellness Resources, LLC in Ashburn. Cheryl Guarna is the owner and physical therapist. The first day she did a thorough evaluation and immediately set me up with a program. Every appointment is one-on-one and she explains every exercise and how it is affecting your body. She's very knowledgeable and explains in detail the risks and symptoms of lymphedema. Cheryl had me on an exercise program to gain full rotation of my arms, as well as strengthening my back and shoulders. The exercises specifically targeted each muscle and I was amazed at how quickly I regained the rotation in my arms. I highly recommend Cheryl Guarna as your physical therapist for any kind of cancer. Her expertise in cancer therapy is second to none. It's nice to know that this facility is so close to home.