The Many Roles of a Cancer Caregiver

By Cheryl Guarna | April 30, 2014

Being the primary caregiver for someone diagnosed with cancer is not for the faint of heart. It takes physical, financial and emotional stamina. You’ll be a cook, researcher, driver, nurse, organizer, sometimes cancer expert, support system, cheerleader, multi-tasker and more. It’s likely that your role will shift and change often depending on the ever-changing needs…

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Put Spring In Your Walk

By Cheryl Guarna | April 16, 2014

Walking in the spring season is one of my favorite exercises. Yes! Walking is an exercise. Walking for even a few minutes every day provides many benefits. Keep it simple With a buddy or alone Around the block Live in your outdoor surroundings Walking strengthens your heart – Regular walking has been shown to reduce…

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How to Find a Qualified Cancer Exercise Trainer

By Cheryl Guarna | April 2, 2014

Cancer treatments can affect the heart, lungs, and regulatory systems (heart rate, blood pressure), the nervous system, and the musculoskeletal system long after treatments are over. Some survivors pursue an exercise program, but unfortunately many do not. Advanced education enables exercise professionals to develop safe exercise programs that are tailored for each survivor’s specialized needs.…

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Finding a Qualified Cancer Rehab Therapist

By Cheryl Guarna | March 26, 2014

As I discussed in last week’s blog, the importance of physical activity during and after cancer treatment is becoming more and more recognized. We now know that cancer treatments, while very effective at saving lives, can also damage organ systems leaving survivors at risk for complications even years after cancer treatment ends. Cancer rehab can…

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