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Exercising Safely After Breast Cancer Treatment: How to Get Started

By Cheryl Guarna | May 21, 2019

I’m not usually one who says things like, “it takes a special person to do so and so,” but breast cancer survivors are special people. I’ve found that working with survivors challenges me and makes me want to go to work every day! We all know that exercise is good for us. We all know…

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Creating Better Systems for Cancer Rehab Care Coordination

By Cheryl Guarna | May 7, 2019

The more I talk to cancer survivors and hear their stories, the more I believe the it is imperative we put in place guidelines for increasing cancer rehab referrals and improving care coordination. Survivors tell me that it is a huge burden to attend the multitude of appointment and tests associated with cancer treatment. Adding…

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Cancer Rehab: An Underutilized Aspect of Cancer Care

By Cheryl Guarna | April 23, 2019

In 2005, my mother was diagnosed with breast cancer. Luckily, the cancer was diagnosed in the early stages, and she underwent a mastectomy of the affected breast followed by radiation of the surrounding tissue. The treatment was considered successful, and she remains cancer-free today. This being said, however, the disease and its treatments had other…

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Occupational Therapy for Individuals Living With Cancer

By Cheryl Guarna | April 21, 2019

Since we started our blog in March of 2014, we have discussed the role of Physical Therapy (PT) in helping those with cancer recover more fully and improve their quality of life. We are now looking forward to expanding our discussions into the role of other therapies and interventions in cancer recovery, the first of…

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Cancer Rehab is Not One Size Fits All

By Cheryl Guarna | April 9, 2019

In the past few weeks, I’ve talked about cancer rehab in general, various cancer certifications to look for, and I provided some tools to help you find qualified cancer rehab and fitness professionals. This is all important, if pragmatic, information. But now I want to share the more personal issues surrounding my decision to open…

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What Exactly is “Cancer Rehab”?

By Cheryl Guarna | March 19, 2019

It has long been understood that exercise is beneficial for everyone. It is also agreed that medically directed exercise offered in rehab can help greatly after someone has had a stroke, surgery, heart attack, back injury and more. Rehab is also routinely ordered for someone who has had a joint replacement, sports injury or developed a neurological disease…

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Physical Therapy On the Cancer Journey – A Personal Perspective

By Cheryl Guarna | February 13, 2019

By Cheryl Guarna, PT, CLT, STAR/C – Owner of Oncology Rehab and Wellness Resources The emotional impact of a cancer diagnosis is something that most cancer survivors will never forget. To add to that impact, the treatments used to treat the cancer can cause a multitude of complications that can affect a survivor’s life, some…

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Physical Therapy on the Cancer Journey

By Cheryl Guarna | January 6, 2019

By Cheryl Guarna, PT, MPT, CLT, STAR/C When I tell people that I am a physical therapist that specializes in treating cancer patients, they often say, “That must be so hard.” I respond, “Actually, it would be better described as challenging but incredibly inspiring”.  Traditionally, physical therapists treat people after surgery, with sports injuries, or…

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Exercise Abates Physical Decline During Breast Cancer Tx

By Cheryl Guarna | May 7, 2015

from ONCOLOGY/HEMATOLOGY 05.05.2015 A supervised, moderate to high-intensity exercise program in breast cancer patients helped stave off expected declines in fitness and function during adjuvant chemotherapy and improved treatment tolerance, according to randomized trial results. Patients enrolled in two exercise programs, Onco-Move and OnTrack, saw less decline in cardiorespiratory fitness (P<0.001), better physical functioning (P<0.001), less…

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Celebrating One Year of Blogging About Cancer Rehab!

By Cheryl Guarna | March 15, 2015

Celebrating One Year of Blogging About Cancer Rehab! By Cheryl Guarna, PT, MPT, CLT, STAR/C March 2015 marks one year of our blog! The past 12 months have been an exciting time for our practice as well as for the advancement of awareness of physical therapy services available to cancer patients and survivors.    As…

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