Oncology Physical Therapy

How Baseline Physical Therapy Testing Helps with Breast Cancer Side Effects

By Cheryl Guarna | July 22, 2022

Since 2011, many medical professionals have advocated for a “prospective” method of dealing with impairments related to breast cancer treatments such as stiffness, lymphedema, neuropathy, etc. In plain language this means “Start treating side effects before you even start cancer treatments.”

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physical therapy for neuropathy

Getting Pain Relief for Neuropathy through Physical Therapy (Not Medication)

By Cheryl Guarna | July 8, 2022

We focus on physical therapy for neuropathy that promotes lasting healing and relief from neuropathy symptoms.

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Topical Stimulation for Treating Neuropathy and Lymphedema

By Cheryl Guarna | June 25, 2022

The ReBuilder® is a biocompatible form of TENS and EMS that can dramatically reduce pain, and the LymphaTouch® machine has produced excellent outcomes for edema in clinical studies.

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Getting Your Balance Back After Neuropathy

By Cheryl Guarna | June 14, 2022

Here is a partial list of exercises you can do with a therapist or at home to regain and maintain your balance after neuropathy. Losing your balance is a common side effect of CIPN, but with the right exercises, you can get it back quickly.

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Exercises for Regaining Fine Motor Control after Neuropathy

By Cheryl Guarna | May 20, 2022

These specific exercises can help you recover fine motor skills after neuropathy. A physical therapist can help speed up the process.

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Exercises for Management of Neuropathy

By Cheryl Guarna | May 3, 2022

We want to look at some additional causes of CIPN, and how exercise, in particular, can help with rebuilding the nerve signals and aid in reducing the often debilitating late effects of CIPN.

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Exercises for Cancer Patients with Osteoporosis

By Cheryl Guarna | April 8, 2022

Here is the catch-22 for osteoporosis patients: exercise is dangerous; exercise is vital. You will likely not build up bone density without serious, significant, regular exercise; but the wrong exercise (or just the wrong method) can very easily make the problem worse, even leading to a fracture.

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Healthy whole foods for building bone and fighting osteoporosis

Using Nutrition to Reverse Osteoporosis: Building Bone

By Cheryl Guarna | March 29, 2022

Leafy greens, salmon, and sweet potatoes are on the list of foods that build bones and treat osteoporosis. Milk and calcium supplements are not.

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A plant-based diet is a key asset in fighting cancer and osteoporosis

Using Nutrition to Limit Osteoporosis: Alkalinization

By Cheryl Guarna | March 16, 2022

Alkaline/acid balance matters for your bones, and a plant-based diet is a key asset in any fight against cancer and/or osteoporosis.

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Using Nutrition to Prevent Osteoporosis: Digestion

By Cheryl Guarna | February 28, 2022

Bones are a lot of alkaline minerals—calcium, magnesium, potassium, a bit of boron, zinc, and others—nestled inside a sponge-like matrix of protein. To build and repair bone, you need minerals, and proteins, in the right ratios.  These come from your diet.

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Prostate Cancer and Osteoporosis Risk

By Cheryl Guarna | February 14, 2022

Osteoporosis – and a higher risk of getting a fracture – is a side effect of prostate cancer you should be aware of.

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Breast Cancer and Osteoporosis Risk

By Cheryl Guarna | January 26, 2022

Breast cancer survivors have a much higher risk of osteoporosis compared with cancer-free women, but physical therapy can protect and restore bone mass density.

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