How to Get Things Done When You’re Low on Energy

By Cheryl Guarna | November 4, 2022

After any surgery or intensive medical treatment, available bodily energy will be low, because the body is using a lot of energy just to heal.  And this is doubly true of anything that impacts the lungs.  So, lung-cancer survivors need some particularized strategies for managing the energy they do have, and making the most of it.

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Woman meditating and breathing deeply to oxygenate her blood

Lung Cancer Breathing Techniques to Manage Shortness of Breath

By Cheryl Guarna | October 18, 2022

Before diving into specific breathing techniques for lung cancer, here is some anatomical background on why breath-work is important.

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What to Know About Home Oxygen Therapy with Lung Cancer

By Cheryl Guarna | September 26, 2022

After lung cancer surgery, oxygen therapy can be a vital part of your recovery. Learn about living normally while using home oxygen therapy.

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How to Prevent and Treat Scarring Around New Breast Implants

By Cheryl Guarna | August 19, 2022

Capsular contracture can be prevented or treated with ultrasound, targeted massage, and physical therapy, without requiring invasive surgery.

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Breast cancer patient with pain because of frozen shoulder

How to Treat Frozen Shoulder in Breast Cancer Patients and Survivors

By Cheryl Guarna | August 5, 2022

85% of breast cancer patients have arm problems related to treatment. Frozen shoulder might not appear for a year or more, and starting physical therapy immediately after–or even before–treatment, is the best way to prevent frozen shoulder.

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Oncology Physical Therapy

How Baseline Physical Therapy Testing Helps with Breast Cancer Side Effects

By Cheryl Guarna | July 22, 2022

Since 2011, many medical professionals have advocated for a “prospective” method of dealing with impairments related to breast cancer treatments such as stiffness, lymphedema, neuropathy, etc. In plain language this means “Start treating side effects before you even start cancer treatments.”

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physical therapy for neuropathy

Getting Pain Relief for Neuropathy through Physical Therapy (Not Medication)

By Cheryl Guarna | July 8, 2022

We focus on physical therapy for neuropathy that promotes lasting healing and relief from neuropathy symptoms.

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Topical Stimulation for Treating Neuropathy and Lymphedema

By Cheryl Guarna | June 25, 2022

The ReBuilder® is a biocompatible form of TENS and EMS that can dramatically reduce pain, and the LymphaTouch® machine has produced excellent outcomes for edema in clinical studies.

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Getting Your Balance Back After Neuropathy

By Cheryl Guarna | June 14, 2022

Here is a partial list of exercises you can do with a therapist or at home to regain and maintain your balance after neuropathy. Losing your balance is a common side effect of CIPN, but with the right exercises, you can get it back quickly.

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Exercises for Regaining Fine Motor Control after Neuropathy

By Cheryl Guarna | May 20, 2022

These specific exercises can help you recover fine motor skills after neuropathy. A physical therapist can help speed up the process.

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