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Physical Therapy via Telerehab: How It Can Aid Your Recovery

By Cheryl Guarna | January 20, 2021

At first glance, telerehab and physical therapy do not seem like compatible services. Many people think that visiting in-person is necessary for physical therapy, while telerehab is, by definition, a virtual service. How can a therapy service which is all about the physical body be done over video? However, while some physical therapy services such…

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Holiday Foods for Cancer Patients

By Cheryl Guarna | December 28, 2020

Even though we generally think of holiday foods as unhealthy, there are plenty of healthy holiday foods that you can enjoy without adversely affecting your health — even if you’re in the middle of cancer treatment.

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Taking COVID-19 Precautions with Physical Therapy Cancer Patients

By Cheryl Guarna | December 14, 2020

Keeping our patients safe and healthy has always been and will continue to be our top priority. Since Oncology Rehab and Wellness (ORW) provides an essential service, we have remained open through the shutdown and implemented the proper precautions to prevent the spread of COVID-19.  We recognize that our patients are at higher risk of…

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Cancer-Related Deconditioning: A Serious Issue to Consider

By Cheryl Guarna | March 15, 2020

Cancer and cancer treatments, while potentially life saving cause physical and functional complications for cancer patients. Of all cancer treatment complications, one of the most prevalent is cancer-related deconditioning. As defined by Wikipedia: Deconditioning is the adaptation of an organism to a less demanding environment, or, alternatively, the decrease of physiological adaptation to normal conditions. Deconditioning…

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What Can Cancer Rehab Help With?

By Cheryl Guarna | March 8, 2020

Cancer rehabilitation, or physical therapy specialized in the treatment of cancer-related impairments is an available service for cancer patients and survivors that to date remains highly underutilized.  Interventions can help throughout the continuum of cancer care from the time of diagnosis though treatment and into palliative care and can assist patients with living their best…

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Is Cancer Rehab Right For You?

By Cheryl Guarna | February 29, 2020

Many cancer patients and survivors deal with the after-effects of cancer treatment, such as pain and impaired functioning.  Many of these “late effects” can linger even years after cancer treatment has ended.  Nevertheless, few patients receive the needed care to address these issues.  Cancer rehabilitation, or physical therapy specializing in the physical problems related to…

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Physical Therapy After Lung Cancer Surgery: It Isn’t Just About Exercise!

By Eliska Amyx, LPTA | February 16, 2020

After lung cancer surgery you may experience some difficulty with doing the things you are used to doing.  You may experience decreased endurance even during simple activities such as walking or shopping or doing the stairs.  It may hurt to cough, making it difficult to clear your lungs of congestion.  You may need some direction…

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Treating the Side-Effects of Cancer Treatment with Physical Therapy: CIPN

By Eliska Amyx, LPTA | February 2, 2020

Chemotherapy – Induced Peripheral Neuropathy Chemotherapy-induced peripheral neuropathy or CIPN is a numbness and tingling in the hands and feet due to nerve damage from chemotherapy.  CIPN can lead to muscle weakness and balance problems.  According to The American Cancer Society two-thirds of patients undergoing chemotherapy will develop CIPN within a month of starting chemo. …

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Exercise as Standard Treatment in Patients With Cancer

By Cheryl Guarna | January 25, 2020

Multiple national agencies (eg. The American College of Sports Medicine, American Cancer Society, National Comprehensive Cancer Network and The National Cancer Institute) all now recommend “avoidance of inactivity” for cancer patients.  As of last month, the above agencies, in cooperation with international experts in exercise oncology now recommend specific guidelines and activity recommendations for cancer…

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Some Things You Should Know About Cancer Rehab

By Cheryl Guarna | January 12, 2020

Three Things You Should Know about Cancer Rehabilitation Despite improved outcomes for cancer patients due to ongoing advancements in cancer care, cancer and its treatments can often cause debilitating physical problems to include weakness, stiffness, balance loss, cognitive decline.  These effects can interfere with survivors’ recovery, their ability to complete treatment successfully and may decrease…

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