Wellness Workshops and Seminars

Because we believe that optimal cancer recovery requires a whole-person approach, we take the initiative to provide the tools that are needed. Through our community partners and area medical professionals we offer ongoing educational events for the cancer community and their families.

Our strategic initiatives include:

  • Creating Awareness within the cancer community for personalized wellness for for cancer patients
  • Developing professional seminars and workshops to provide needed guidance to the cancer community
  • Sharing evidence-based research and guidelines which not only demonstrate the value of the wellness industry but also to provide guidelines on effective lifestyle choices and programs


We are Invested in Your Recovery

We know that medical interventions are a necessary part of cancer care.  At Oncology Rehab and Wellness, we also believe that it takes a team to help cancer patients live well after - or with- cancer.  It is our mission to provide opportunities for improving the lives of cancer patients and survivors by providing not only physical rehabilitation, but also education to enable patients to live their lives in an optimally healthy way.  As part of that mission, we host area medical professionals and wellness educators at our Lansdowne, VA clinic for workshops and seminars.


Some of Our Past Seminars:

Healing the Trauma of Cancer Through Yoga

Nutrition and Cancer

Thrive With Essential Oils Workshop

Mindfulness for Coping with Cancer