What is Telehealth/Telerehab?

Telehealth/Telerehab is a one-on-one session held with you and your physical therapist which takes place remotely on a secure telecommunication platform (ie: video conferencing). This method of treatment would involve either a smart phone, tablet, laptop or computer that has access to a web camera and microphone with internet access.

Our telehealth platform is EASY to use. Just click on a link from the email we send you - and that's all. No account set up, no passwords, no portals.

You'd be surprised at what we can accomplish with telerehab.  We can discover a lot about what is causing your issues from hearing your symptoms and watching you move on video.  There are many tests that we can also get you to do on your own that will assist us in developing a treatment plan for you.  A hands on approach isn't always necessary!

Telerehab can provide us means to:

  • Discuss and evaluate your symptoms including pain, numbness/tingling, weakness, balance loss, joint range of motion issues, post-surgical issues, swelling/lymphedema
  • Perform a detailed assessment
  • Provide a treatment plan including therapeutic exercise (ex. stretching, , strengthening), self-massage techniques, movement modification, home modifications and more
  • Education:  exercise program prescription, proper form with exercises, safety issues, self-management techniques, compression garments



What our patients are saying:

"I was worried when the COVID crisis hit that I wouldn't be able to keep my appointments for my post-surgical and lymphedema issues.  I am so glad that my care will not be delayed thanks to your telehealth visits!"

Breast cancer survivor

Care Delivery Options Available:

Telehealth Consults/Triage

Initial consultations can be completed via telehealth to limit in clinic contact unless needed.  Initial consultations can help determine if telerehab or in clinic sessions will be the most beneficial based on your individual needs.


Telerehab is an effective method of providing physical therapy interventions. Telerehab can help you recover from the comfort and safety of your own home.  Our platform is HIPPA compliant - and easy to use.  All you need is a device with a microphone and camera.

Hybrid Sessions

Want to limit your exposure but also benefit from in clinic sessions?  You can complete some sessions in the clinic and some via telehealth.  Hybrid sessions are available to all patients for whom telehealth is an appropriate care delivery method.