Cancer Recovery Program

Through our Cancer Recovery Program, we provide safe, effective exercise programs to help you maintain or re-build your strength, cardiovascular fitness/endurance, decrease fatigue levels to enable you to return to your life after cancer treatment.

There is no need to worry about your current fitness levels.  Our programs are lower intensity when needed and adapted to your individual needs.  Programs are progressed slowly to alleviate your cancer treatment-related symptoms.

"The scientific literature has shown that rehabilitation improves pain, function, and quality of life in cancer survivors. In fact, rehabilitation efforts can ameliorate physical (including cognitive) impairments at every stage along the course of treatment. This includes prehabilitation before cancer treatment commences and multimodal interdisciplinary rehabilitation during and after acute cancer treatment."
— CA: A Cancer Journal for Clinicians

What Our Program Addresses

Strength assessment and training

Cardio/endurance assessment and training 

Gait assessment and training/assistive device instruction

Balance assessment and training

Exercise and Strategies to Address Cancer Related Fatigue

Independent Exercise Program Development

Each plan is specifically designed to meet your individual needs with the goal of assisting you in developing a safe program that you can continue with independently.  We meet you where you are - and develop a program to get you where you would like to be - whether that is walking your dog, playing with your children, traveling, taking care of yourself more independently ... or running a 5K.  We can help you get there.  

We Utilize Our Four Phase Program for Cancer Rehabilitation

Phase I: (low intensity)

  • Patients currently undergoing chemotherapy and/or radiation
  • Patients who have completed chemotherapy and /or radiation recently
  • Patients who demonstrate significant weakness
  • Based on low heart rate max training, Level I progressive resistance exercises for arms, legs and core

Phase II: (low to moderate intensity)

  • Patients who have completed Phase I
  • Patients who have completed chemotherapy and /or radiation recently but are not currently undergoing treatment
  • Based on lower to moderate intensity heart rate max training, Level II progressive resistance exercises for arms, legs, core and balance (as needed).

Phase III: (moderate to high intensity) 

  • Patients who have completed Phase II
  • Based on moderate to high heart rate max training, Level III progressive resistance exercises for arms, legs, core, balance and addition of functional strengthening exercises
  • Phase III is typically the final phase of rehabilitation before discharge to an independent exercise program.

Phase IV: (high intensity) 

  • Patients who have completed Phase III
  • Patient who have completed chemotherapy and /or radiation recently but are not currently in treatment
  • Phase IV is for patients looking to return to sport, high levels of activity

About our protocol:

We have designed this protocol over four years, using our collective knowledge and experience on patient outcomes in our Cancer Recovery Program.  We have done so to guide our treatment progression/exercise prescription with cancer patients.  No two patients are the same, but using the Phase I-IV guidelines helps to ensure our patients are slowly progressed when needed but also challenged enough to help them to achieve their maximal outcomes.

We are Invested in Your Recovery

We aren't just theoretical partners in your recovery; we are truly invested in helping you prepare for and successfully complete your cancer treatment.

And then we'll be here to support you while you recover, rebuild and restore your strength and mobility in the years to come.

We are your partners in recovery.

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