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We offer many specialized physical therapy and wellness services for cancer patients before, during and after treatment or surgery.  We believe in treating the whole patient for optimal outcomes.  Don't let cancer change the way you live and function.  We can help you regain your strength, stamina, reduce pain and get you back to the things you love.  We provide education and wellness services that can further improve your recovery.

We are specially equipped to treat individuals with all cancer diagnoses and the complications that occur as a result of the disease, surgery, chemotherapy and radiation treatment. Cancer and its treatments can cause immediate impairments and limitations. Side effects and physical impairments can occur even years after your cancer treatment ends.

Cancer Recovery Program

Through our Cancer Recovery Program, we provide safe, effective exercise programs to help you maintain or re-build your strength, cardiovascular fitness/endurance, decrease fatigue levels to enable you to return to your life after cancer treatment.

There is no need to worry about your current fitness levels.  Our programs are lower intensity when needed and adapted to your individual needs.  Programs are progressed slowly to alleviate your cancer treatment-related symptoms.

Breast Cancer Rehab

The breast cancer experience is complex. Breast cancer and its treatments can affect all aspects of life during and after treatment and can cause impairments that affect daily function and quality of life.  A proactive approach is imperative to reduce the likelihood of late effects of treatment and surgery.

Physical therapy after breast cancer treatment is important to improve your overall outcome.  Whether educating you on post-treatment exercises or your participation in our breast cancer rehab program, our physical therapists can assist in ensuring your optimal recovery.

Neuropathy Treatment

Our evidence-based physical therapy protocol for treatment of chemotherapy-induced peripheral neuropathy includes a combination of gentle exercise, strengthening exercises, balance training, manual therapy, Low Level Laser Therapy and integration of the REBUILDER®  device for nerve stimulation, along with sensory stimulation activities to reduce pain, improve sensation and improve function.


Nutrition Services

Our Registered Oncology Dietitian provides individualized nutrition assessments and counseling to aid you in recovering better, living better.  Our registered dietitian can work with you and your family to improve your nutrition during and after cancer treatments.  Cancer treatments can have a negative effect on a patients nutritional intake - and maintaining good nutrition is imperative to optimal cancer treatment outcomes.

Prehab for Cancer Patients

Cancer prehabilitation involves interventions designed to reduce cancer treatment complications and improve physical health.  Pre-cancer treatment therapy interventions can improve patients' tolerance to treatments by intervening early and by providing patients with education and exercise recommendations (and precautions) for during cancer treatments. Our Prehab protocols have been successful in assisting cancer patients more successfully navigate chemotherapy and radiation treatments as well as aiding patients in preparing for the rigors of cancer surgery.

Lymphedema Therapy

Lymphedema treatment is effective in reducing edema and managing it long term.  Our Certified Lymphedema Therapist (CLT) provides Complete Decongestive Therapy for the treatment of lymphedema.  We treat lymphedema related to cancer treatments (radiation, surgery) to include upper extremity, lower extremity, head and neck, trunk and breast.

Scar Treatment

Our physical therapists can treat scars using manual therapy, manual assist tools, LymphaTouch®, active release therapy, low level laser therapy, and other methods to reduce pain and swelling, extend range of motion, and prevent scar tissue build up.

Wellness Workshops and Seminars

Because we believe that optimal cancer recovery requires a whole-person approach, we take the initiative to provide the tools that are needed. Through our community partners and area medical professionals we offer ongoing educational events for the cancer community and their families.

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