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Articles and Abstracts

Road to Recovery: Cancer Rehab Defines the New Normal
By Kathy Latour, Cure Magazine (June 9, 2012)

Cancer Rehab Begins to Bridge a Gap To Reach Patients
by Rachel Gotbaum February 18, 2013

Treatment for Cancer Patients Should Include Exercise
Sandra Yin Nov 08, 2011 Medscape Medical News

Exercise for Cancer Survivors
Dana Farber Cancer Institute YouTube Video

Effects of exercise on cancer-related fatigue*
Dimeo, F. C. Subscription Needed to View Document

Rehab helps breast cancer patients meet post-treatment goals
By Rebecca Mayer, Advance Healthcare Network

Head and Neck Lymphedema: Swelling After Cancer Treatment
From the American Society of Clinical Oncology

Better, Stronger, Happier (Why cancer rehabilitation is necessary)
By Carole Schneider, PhD, Cure Magazine (June 15, 2012)

Post-Mastectomy Physical Therapy 'Widely Improves' Quality of Life
News Now Staff, PT In Motion, February 18, 2014