For Physicians

We would love to help your patients and together as a team we can make a very big difference in patients lives.

How To Refer:

  • Use your own order form and fax to (703) 870-3668
  • Download our Cancer Rehab Program Referral Form from below, and fax to (703) 870-3668
  • Call (703) 789-0367 with patient contact information/demographics and reason for referral and we will take care of the rest.

We Appreciate You Considering Our Services

Thank you for considering Oncology Rehab and Wellness Resources for your adult oncology patients’ rehabilitation services. As Northern Virginia’s first oncology-specific rehabilitation clinic, we are trained to work as a key member of your patients’ cancer care team, and our staff members dedicate themselves to specializing in the treatment of cancer patients and cancer survivors.

We additionally have multiple certified lymphedema specialists to treat lymphedema and its sequelae whether the condition is caused by cancer treatments or other factors/disease processes.  We have continued to offer this since our inception to meet the needs of these patients as there continues to be a grave deficit of lymphedema therapists in the area.

Our patient outcomes continue to demonstrate decreased pain, improvement in function and a return to a better quality of life.  Our Complete Decongestive Therapy and compression fitting and compression prescription helps lymphedema patients maintain their  condition long term and prevent negative effects of this condition on patients' health and quality of life.

Why Choose Us?

  • We are the only private practice in Northern Virginia that provides specialty rehab services focused solely on addressing the needs of adult cancer patients and cancer survivors.  We are NOT an orthopedic practice that also offers cancer rehab.  We exclusively treat cancer patients, survivors and lymphedema patients.
  • Our lead therapists have extensive training and experience in treating cancer survivors and patients with lymphedema.
  • We have collaborative resources to make available to your patients, to include: Cancer Exercise Specialists, Nutritionists, Acupuncturists, Massage Therapists
  • We offer a unique, individualized approach. Your patients will spend their entire treatment session directly with a therapist, one-to-one.
  • We work closely with all members of the healthcare team, because we believe a collaborative approach is critical to maximize patient outcomes and maintain patient safety.
  • Not only will your patients appreciate the opportunity to engage in their own care, your team will benefit by partnering with a rehabilitation provider dedicated to cancer care.

We Help Patients Regain Their Quality of Life

We Can Help Your Patients - and in the Process - Help You

We understand the challenges oncologists face. Our solutions benefit your patients and you, their provider.

We help you improve Patient:

  • Satisfaction Scores

By helping your patients achieve better function and quality of life, their satisfaction with all services will potentially improve.  Knowing that they have been given all of the tools they may need to conquer cancer and improve their lives can translate to better satisfaction scores.

  • Care Pathway Compliance

Significant fatigue, pain, neuropathy, weakness and decreased functional capacity are all potential side/late effects of cancer treatment. When these side effects become too burdensome, cancer treatment may be delayed - or even stopped. Cancer rehabilitation can help by developing individualized programs with goals of maintaining or improving functional status, mobility, physical activity and decreasing pain and/or fatigue.  Research now demonstrates that exercise can help reduce treatment delays and improve outcomes.  We additionally have a research and evidence-based CIPN program and Osteoporosis program developed in response to the need for non-pharmacological interventions for these patients.

  • Overall Value-Based Scores

We help cancer survivors manage many cancer treatment side effects: pain, balance, mobility issues, deconditioning and weakness and excessive fatigue through individualized physical therapy exercise programs. This guidance can potentially decrease unnecessary emergency room visits and reduce the risk of falls and oncology office visits/call backs.

We help cancer patients with late effects of surgery and radiation, ultimately improving outcomes in these patients, reflecting the value of outcomes for your office.