Insurance, Covered Services and Billing Questions

Insurance Provider List

We accept most insurance plans and are in network providers.  As this is very plan-specific, please contact us to see if we are in network with your insurance.  We also accept out of network payments from most insurance companies. Contact your insurance company if you have questions specific to your coverage.


Covered Service Questions and Policies

Oncology Rehab and Wellness, LLC works with many major insurance providers, including those in our Insurance Provider List.

Most insurance companies cover rehabilitation for oncology patients and survivors, and Oncology Rehab and Wellness Resources is a provider for many major insurance providers. If we are not in network with your insurance, we will work with you to provide the most cost-effective plan to enable you to get the care you need. Please check with your insurance company to discuss out-of-network options. The information on this page may answer many of your questions, but please contact your insurance provider for specific questions about your coverage.

We also offer affordable self-pay rates and accept all major credit cards.

  • We will make every effort to contact your insurance company to determine your eligibility for coverage, yet we cannot guarantee coverage of services by your insurance company.
  • If your insurance company declines payment or does not pay at the level you are told by your insurance company, patients are ultimately responsible for payment of any fees due.
  • Patients must contact their insurance provider to determine if pre-authorization is needed as well as the expectations for co-pays and deductibles.
  • Some equipment/supplies may/may not be covered by insurance, dependent on insurance coverage. We will discuss any of these with you prior to issuing/supplying them to you.

Billing Questions?

If you have any questions about services, costs, or charges on your invoice from Oncology Rehab and Wellness, LLC, please contact our billing department at (508) 422-0233.