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New Patient Information

Insurance and Billing Info

Billing questions, an insurance provider list and covered services.

Download Forms

To save you time at your initial therapy visit, please print out and complete the following forms and bring them with you to your first appointment.

What to Expect During Your Visits

Here is an overview of what to expect from your visit to Oncology Rehab and Wellness:

Comprehensive Evaluation

On your first visit, your therapist(s) will complete a comprehensive assessment of your condition and status as needed or recommended by your physician, including:

  • Medical history, cancer history
  • Assessment of Quality of Life (QOL), pain level, and fatigue using standardized screening tools
  • Assessment of function using standardized screening tools
  • Vital signs
  • Joint range of motion testing
  • Strength testing
  • Neuropathy assessment
  • Cardiovascular fitness testing using evidence-based assessment tools
  • Functional testing
  • Balance and coordination testing
  • Limb girth measurements

Personalized Treatment Program

Based on your comprehensive assessment findings, you and your therapist will develop a plan of care for you that may include:

  • A customized, medically supervised exercise program for aerobic conditioning, strength and endurance training, balance training may include:
    • Establishing goals
      • Restoring/maintaining function
      • Activity tolerance
      • Pulmonary function and pulmonary capacity
      • Joint range of motion
      • Balance and coordination
    • Improving endurance
    • Reducing fatigue
    • Improving muscular strength
  • A home exercise program
  • Daily activity program development
  • Activity modification and energy conservation instruction
  • Home modification recommendations and adaptive equipment training
  • Manual therapy interventions
  • Assistive device recommendations and training
  • Activities of daily living training
  • Lymphedema management
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