Grounding Meditations During a Storm of Illness

Oncology Rehab and Wellness is proud to host Gabrielle Anderson from The Willow’s Crown to talk about meditative practices.

By Gabrielle Anderson

To stay grounded in the storm. THIS is the goal. I remember the phone call from my sister announcing that she had breast cancer. It was surreal and for a split second, I thought she was teasing. 

No one ever expects to have their life turned upside down. How can one prepare? 

When we can not control the storm, it then becomes important to control how we REACT to the storm. 

Cancer and other significant illnesses beg for our attention. Too often patients become really good at noticing the symptoms of the DRAGON, but not as good at listening in to the tiny whispers of the squeaking mouse

When we open up to the small nuances within our body and emotions, we begin to find created opportunities for balance and healing

About ten years ago, I was diagnosed with Lyme. I went from proud athlete to unable to stand in the shower without assistance. 

Learning to listen in to the tiny voices meant noticing the small things that STOLE my energy. Gossiping with a neighbor, staying out too late with people that didn’t fill my soul, doing activities that drained my energy instead of filling the bucket. 

What a gift it was to learn to listen in and become choosey

Meditation helps us get to know ourselves within our spaces of calm and uprise. 

It helps us breathe into the spaces of uncertainty and fear and allows us to recognize our body’s reactions, our thought’s reactions. Within this space of awareness lies opportunity. 

Until one day we realize that the storm did not change direction, but we changed how we reacted. We caught the tightness in our shoulders EARLY, long before the migraine hit because we practiced body awareness. 

We heard the stressed out worry thoughts BEFORE they morphed into a full blown panic attack.

What does this do for your healing path? It creates space. 

Research is showing that routine meditation can help reduce inflammation, impact memory and focus AND improve responses to stress. 

When our thoughts become our allies, we team up with them to create an atmosphere of calm. 

Learn how to lasso in those runaway thoughts, while creating calm opportunities in your body. Creating space for healing.

And yes, I will say it. Practice LOVING your body through this tough tough time. Calm IN the storm. 

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