Cancer Rehabilitation Services

We offer specialized physical therapy, nutrition, and wellness services for adult cancer patients.

Our clinic is equipped to treat individuals with all cancer diagnoses and the complications that occur as a result of surgery, chemotherapy, radiation treatment, and cancer itself.

Since we are a direct access healthcare provider, you do not need a physician's referral to schedule an appointment.

We are in-network with and accept most insurance providers.

Increase your quality of life through your entire cancer journey.

Don't let cancer change the way you live and function. We can help you regain balance and strength, minimize pain and swelling, reduce fatigue, increase bone density, maintain a well-rounded diet, and much more.

Rebuild Strength & Flexibility

We provide safe exercise programs to help you rebuild your strength and increase flexibility. Training is low intensity when needed and progresses slowly to avoid injury.

Our physical therapy programs are custom designed for your goals, whether you are seeking to increase bone density, overcome cardiotoxicity, return to athletics, or simply perform daily tasks without pain.

Overcome Fatigue

The physical and emotional toll of a cancer journey is exhausting, and cancer-related fatigue is experienced by nearly all oncology patients undergoing chemotherapy, radiation, immunotherapy, or surgery.

While fatigue is expected, being debilitated does not need to be your new normal.  Our team can use nutrition and therapy to increase your energy levels.

Regain Balance

Loss of balance is a common side effect of cancer treatments and surgery, but it can be reversed. 

Our therapists will work with you to identify the specific exercises you need to strengthen your body and regain your balance.

Heal from Neuropathy

Chemotherapy-induced peripheral neuropathy (CIPN) can cause significant pain and irritation in the hands and feet.

Our cancer rehab therapists can help relieve nerve pain through physical therapy.  We can also help you identify activities that can irritate the nerve damage and provide a treatment plan you can work on at home.

Prepare for Cancer Treatments

A key to fighting cancer and recovering from treatments is to receive nutrition and exercise therapy that prepares the body to be strong enough for chemotherapy, radiation treatments, and surgery.  

Pre-cancer therapy (also called "pre-hab") can improve your tolerance to treatments by intervening early and providing you with education, exercise recommendations, and precautions for your cancer journey.

Reduce Swelling from Lymphedema

Radiation and surgery can damage the surrounding lymph nodes, causing lymphedema.  This can result in long-term swelling in the head, neck, breast, arms, and legs.

Our Certified Lymphedema Therapist (CLT) provides Complete Decongestive Therapy for the treatment of lymphedema through physical therapy, custom compression garment fitting, and more.

Improve Nutrition

Maintaining good nutrition is imperative to optimal cancer treatment outcomes, but cancer treatments often make it extremely difficult to eat a balanced diet.  This is especially true when healthy eating was not a habit before the cancer diagnosis.

Our Registered Oncology Dietitian provides individualized nutrition assessments and counseling to build healthy nutrition habits during and after cancer treatments.

Telehealth Appointments

While some of our services can only be performed in person at our office, we recognize the need to reduce the risk of illness for our medically fragile patients.

Telehealth appointments minimize travel and personal contact by allowing you to meet with a therapist through a secure, online video conference on a smart phone, tablet, or computer.

Community Workshops

Because we believe that optimal cancer recovery requires a whole-person approach, we take the initiative to provide the tools that are needed. Through our community partners and area medical professionals, we offer ongoing educational events for the cancer community and their families.  Take a look at our upcoming wellness workshops and seminars.

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