Recover, rebuild and restore.


Our specialized cancer rehab program treats the unique needs of adult cancer survivors before, during and after cancer treatment.  We help cancer survivors recover by rebuilding quality of life and restoring maximal function.

Cancer Recovery Program

Rebuild or maintain your strength in this low-intensity program designed to help you return to an active life after cancer treatment.

Breast Cancer Rehab

A proactive approach to rehab can reduce the likelihood of late effects of treatment and surgery and help ensure optimal recovery.

Telehealth & Telerehab

Telerehab is a one-on-one session held over a video call. You'd be surprised at what we can accomplish!

Lymphedema Treatment

Lymphedema treatment is effective in reducing edema and managing it long term.


Intervene early with prehabilitation treatments to help you prepare for the rigors of chemotherapy.

Nutrition Services

Our Registered Oncology Dietitian provides individualized nutrition assessments and counseling to aid you in recovering better, living better.

"Cheryl provided me with the most information about what to expect post operatively prior to my surgery than any of the other specialists on my cancer team"

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We help you get your life back.

We offer many specialized physical therapy and wellness services for cancer patients before, during and after treatment or surgery.  We believe in treating the whole patient for optimal outcomes.  Don't let cancer change the way you live and function.  We can help you regain your strength, stamina, reduce pain and get you back to the things you love.  We provide education and wellness services that can further improve your recovery.

89% of our patients report improvement in function

87% say they experience less pain

90% say they have less fatigue and more energy

94% say their quality of life has improved

Talk with your oncologist about making Oncology Rehab and Wellness Resources part of your cancer care team!

Supporting you every step of the way.

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Cheryl Guarna


"I want to help people through their journey. My goal is to improve the lives of those with cancer, one survivor at a time. Rehabilitation makes cancer patients and survivors stronger and able to better tolerate the often debilitating effects of cancer treatments and addresses the impairments that often occur. It empowers survivors to take back some control and live the best life they can before, during and after cancer treatment."

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